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Some Gossip

Sources have contacted the Niagara Post to inform us that the delivery of Niagara Falls’ share of Casino revenue is imminent.  We however would like to stress that this could just be “hearsay”.  Believe it or not, we take the info we post on this site very serious.  We never post something unless we have heard it by multiple sources and done our own investigating. While The Post is not always a literary masterpiece, we are dedicated to journalistic integrity… journalistic integrity and funny pictures. 

So while details are sketchy at this time, it is apparent that a deal has been worked out whereby Niagara Falls will receive its direly needed casino funds.

However, sources state that Maziarz is withholding details on the release of the Casino funds until closer to the election. It is also unclear whether the funds will be released prior to next week’s Primary Election or prior to the General Election in November.

Regardless, it is great news for Niagara Falls residents who have been sweating over the possibility of tax increases and possible bankruptcy.

It is also very sad that Maziarz has to play politics, again, with our Casino funds.

When Mall Cops Grow Up

The Post was designed to promote good government and encourage open thinking in a region that has been plagued by traditionally closed minded naysayers. For that reason, I previously decided against writing an article about the woeful public servants called New York State Park’s Police. Yet, as you can see, I have changed my mind. Although most of our previous posts are political in nature, we want Niagara to be a better place. We at the Post are hoping to help achieve that goal by exposing our scandalous political leaders and our region’s shortcomings. 

For that reason, we are delving into the State Park’s Police in the Niagara Falls area parks. Most understand the plight of our Park’s Police officers. First and foremost, Park’s Police obtain their employment because they do not have what it takes to become real police officers. Likely, they cannot pass the psychological examination that is required of local municipal police agencies.

Enjoying a nice day at the park

Second, and equally sad, at local middle and high school job fairs, it is the Park’s Police Officer’s table that goes unnoticed by the volumes of children bouncing around. Even the Sanitation Department exhibit receives more attention than the Park’s Police’s exhibit.

Third, most people don’t know, but the Park’s Police are not armed with actual firearms. Rather, they are poised with sophisticated squirt guns, flashlights and an official patch sewn on their shirt.

So clearly, nobody wants to be a Park’s Police Officer when they grow up. But that is okay. There are many jobs that people do not want. They should be respected for the service that they provide our residents and our visitors. It is the parks police that provide us with our last line of defense from unruly squirrels, impending poison ivy, and those pestering jaywalkers. But day in and day out, our Park’s Police Officers show up to work, not knowing the dangers that await them. For that reason, they should be applauded and respected.

I understand the plight that these Park’s Officers suffer. They are the brunt of the constant joke of society. But that is no excuse for their overall poor attitude and miserable disposition. Like it or not, this group of officers are like hosts and hostesses for our amazing wonder of the world. Millions of people travel from around the world to see Niagara Falls. Yet, often they are greeted by these wretched New York State Park’s Police Officers. It is hard enough for Niagara Falls to leave a positive impression on our visitors, given our lack of businesses and entertainment. So our ambassadors, wearing their tough guy Stetsons and their badges, should be a little more cordial and welcoming. When people visit Niagara Falls, whether residents or tourists, they should not leave feeling bullied by their Napoleonic syndrome bearing squirrel chasers.  

I will not apologize for both my tone and anger in this article.  We here at the post believe in being hopeful and having faith in Niagara.  We also believe that we can do better.  We all have a responsibility in that. For Niagara Falls to achieve better, we need to demand better. If Park’s Police Officers need to bully our guests to feel as though they have a real job or have real power, then we don’t need them. Until then, the Niagara Post demands that the Department of Parks and the New York State Park’s Police engage in sensitivity training and anger management classes until this problem is under control. Maybe, just maybe, I will see you at those classes.

(editors note: this article is not intended in any derogatory way against the Park’s Rangers at Niagara Falls. The Niagara Post has received nothing but glowing reviews and compliments regarding the Park Rangers. In short – we love the Rangers. And just as not every Yankee’s fan is a dick, not every Parks Police Officer is La Fours)

Stay safe and beware of those evil squirrels 

Public Enemy #1



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