Introducing the “George Maziarz Friends and Family Unemployment Reduction Plan”

With the primary quickly approaching, we, of course, are seeing a heavy push at the end to expose each candidate for their weaknesses. The only real primary this September is between incumbent Monarchical matriarch George Maziarz vs. political newcomer Johnny Destino. These two will battle for the Republican line on September 13th.

Destino’s campaign, which seems to be echoed by Democratic candidate Amy Witryol, argue that Maziarz has been, at best, unsuccessful in helping the residents of Niagara County since he took office 18 years ago. Clearly, though, with all the hype and exaggeration that goes into a campaign, these statements are not entirely accurate.

The truth is, “Queen” George Maziarz, with the help of his suave political confidant, “King” Henry Wojtaszek, have helped quite a few residents of Niagara County. Specifically, the King and Queen have used their amassed power to dole out political patronage positions to their family, friends and loyal supporters.

Thanks to the help of reformist Carl Paladino, here is a list of the GEORGE MAZIARZ FRIENDS AND FAMILY UNEMPLOYMENT REDUCTION PLAN:

“Wife”: Beverly Maziarz is the Secretary to Honorable Richard C Kloch Sr., Acting Supreme Court Justice, Niagara County (appointed by Governor.) Her first marriage was to Mel Denny.

Brother: Edmund P Maziarz Jr., Town Justice Pendleton. Former Niagara Community College Board of Trustees is married to Marian Louise Maziarz, an employee of North Tonawanda School District.

Brother: Marvin Maziarz works at Niagara County Community College, Former Member of the Niagara County Community College Board of Trustees appointed by the Governor.

Nephew: Stephen Maziarz, arrested in 2003 while working for the Peace Bridge Authority, concocted a scheme to smuggle unknown items. George’s chum and Chairman of the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency Henry Sloma got him a job at the NFTA working in Accounts Receivable in 2011, making $40,975.

Brother: Paul Maziarz is City of Tonawanda Director of Facilities and Operations

Brother: David C. Maziarz works at the City of Tonawanda Engineering Department and his wife Dora Maziarz is Senior Account Clerk Typist at the North Tonawanda Fire Department.

Nephew: Matthew Maziarz, 29, is employed at North Ton Water Department and was a former North Tonawanda Parks and Recreation employee and a former Department of Corrections employee.

Cousin: Paul Kudla: works on Maziarz staff. Former North Tonawanda Alderman.

Wife’s Ex-Husband: Melvin Denny is head of Water Department in Barker.

Mel Denny’s New Wife: Meg Jo Denny is employed at Barker School as Teacher.

Step Daughter: Kristina Ginty is a teacher in Lockport City Schools.

Step Son-In-Law: Devin Ginty, Kristina’s husband, is a New York Power Authority employee and former AES employee

Step Daughter: Tricia Denny is employed by the City of Lockport Police and was on Senate payroll: 2008- 2009.

Cousin: Jessie (Granchelli) Haley works at the New York State Power Authority at $84,294 per year.

Sister-In-Law: Molly White works at the New York State Power Authority at $79,573 per year

Sister-In-Law: Mary (White) Boudeman works in the Record’s Department at Eastern Niagara Hospital.

Brother-In-Law: Scott Boudeman is the Newfane Town Justice (ran unopposed)

Brother-In-Law: Michael White is the Treasurer, City of Lockport and Former Deputy County Treasurer under Broderick.

Friend: Marcus Hall works in George’s office and is a Councilman in Newfane. His wife Heather Palmer Hall is the Secretary to the Supervisor of Newfane. Heather’s mother and father live next door to Beverly & George Maziarz.

Friend: Malcolm A Needler is on the Niagara Community College Board of Trustees, Financial Secretary and a former County Legislator. He currently works at the New York State Power Authority. He formerly worked at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center and Computer Task Group.

Friend: “King” Henry Wojtaszek was appointed Legal Counsel to the State’s Off Track Betting Board. He is former North Tonawanda City Attorney, 1998-2004, Partner Harris Beach 2005-2010, which firm has taken hundreds of thousands in fees from various government and quasi- government entities in Niagara County. He was Chairman of the Niagara County Republican Party from 2000-2009. He is still rumored to be running the western part of the Niagara County Republican Party.

Friend: Kathleen Wojtaszek-Gariano, Henry’s sister. She was Assistant Niagara County Attorney from 1999-2001. In 2001 Kathleen was appointed to that bench by Mayor Mary Irene Elia. She later lost the election to Robert Restaino. Kathleen was later appointed to Niagara County Family Court.

Friend: Paul Wojtaszek, Henry’s brother, is a Niagara County Legislator and works as a confidential law clerk to a Supreme Court Justice in Erie County.

Friend: Caroline Wojtaszek, “King” Henry’s wife, was Assistant District Attorney for 14 years before resigning earlier this year to become Confidential Law Clerk to County Judge Sperrazza.

Friend: Henry (Mickey) Sloma is Chairman of the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency and is Vice Chairman (and former Acting Commissioner) of the NFTA Board of Commissioners.

Friend: Sharon M. Sloma is Henry’s second wife and is the Appointed Niagara County Deputy Social Services Commissioner. Their daughtersHolly Sloma and Heather DeCastro are both employed by the Niagara County District Attorney Michael Violante’s office as Assistant DA’s.Heather DeCastro’s ex-husband, Damon DeCastro, was a City of Niagara Falls Attorney until he was fired after they divorced. In 2008 Henry Sloma’s girlfriend Bonnie Gifford was appointed Chair of the Niagara County Community College Board of Directors. Sloma is responsible for the appointment of current NFTA Executive Director Kim Minkel. She was appointed in December 2010.

Friend: Judge Richard C Kloch Sr: is an Acting Supreme Court Justice, Niagara County, Appointed by Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman, 2001 to present. He was appointed as a Court of Claims Judge by Governor George Pataki in 2001 and was reappointed 2005-2013. He was an elected North Tonawanda City Court Judge from 1986-2001, was Commissioner, US Selective Service 1977-2002 and is a Director, North Tonawanda Housing Development Corp, A Buffalo News Article from 6/14/2001 quote by Kloch: “George Maziarz has worked unendingly, tirelessly, to get a Court of Claims judgeship appointment for his district,…my family and I will be eternally grateful.” Kloch is also the godfather of a son of Henry Wojtaszek.

Friend: Ron Winter is Judge Richard Kloch’s Clerk. Ron’s wife, Joan Winter, is a school teacher in Lyndonville.

Friend: Mike J. Norris is current Chairman of the Niagara County Republican Party; is the City of Lockport Attorney and State GOP Committeeman for the 142nd Assembly District. He is a former District Aide for Assemblyman David E. Seaman (R) Lockport, former Vice Chairman of the City of Lockport GOP Committee; former Elections Commissioner 1999-2002 and former Staff member in Senator Maziarz Office. It is rumored that while “King” Henry controls the western part of the County Republican Party, Mike Norris controls the eastern part of the county.

Friend: Jim Ward; Former County Legislator; Executive Advisor to George since 2003 is a former Niagara Falls Bridge Commissioner. In 2000/2001 Ward was involved in a scheme to conceal from the Legislature’s Administration Committee, which he headed at the time, the fact that a 10% pay cut the Legislature had voted for the election commissioners the previous year had never materialized in their paychecks. He is a former Niagara Falls Bridge Commissioner.

Friend: Patty Weiss is George Maziarz’s personal pit-bull. Her husband, Wally Weiss, is an employee of New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). George Maziarz is Chairman of the State Energy Committee. Patty’s son, Dan Weiss, is the Chairman of the Niagara County Conservative Party and is a teacher in the Niagara Falls School District. Dan’s son Michael allegedly works for the Niagara County Water Department.

Friend: Mike Carney is Deputy Elections Commissioner; Former Deputy County Treasurer under Broderick, (appointed). He resigned as Deputy Treasurer to take a job as Grant Director for NCCC. He is the former Clerk of the Niagara County Legislature, former North Tonawanda City Councilman and former North Tonawanda School Board Member.

Friend: Kyle Andrews, 29, is the youngest countywide officeholder, appointed by Governor Paterson to take over for David Broderick as Niagara County Treasurer after Broderick resigned as a result of scathing audit issued by the State Comptroller’s Office. Kyle’s starting salary as Treasurer is $82,775.

Friend: Vincent Sandonato, a former Legislator was appointed as Senator Mark Grisanti’s Niagara Falls Chief of Staff in 2010. It is Sandonato who was tasked with the duty to overthrow Niagara Falls Republican Chairman Robert Krause this summer.

Friend: Andrea McNulty, after being forced to resign from the Legislature when she secretly moved out of her district, McNulty quickly landed on her feet with an Administrative Assistant job under Jennifer Pitarresi’s Risk and Insurance Services Department in Niagara County. She recently took a job as the Marketing Director for the Niagara County IDA under Henry Sloma.

Friend: James Sobczyk, former Niagara County Legislative Clerk and current Niagara County Auditor. Both positions are patronage and appointed by the Maziarz’s legislative majority.

Friend: Kenneth Genewick is a Niagara County GOP committee man and Lockport Alderman. He was appointed as the Director of the Office of the Aging in Niagara County in 2011.

Friend: Joseph Vacanti, is a former Niagara County Legislator. He resigned from this position and was promptly appointed as the Niagara County Civil Service Director.

Friend: Christian Peck is the secret publicist of Maziarz’s This blog is used by Maziarz and gang to attack their political foes. Most recently attacked was Republican reformist Carl Paladino. Peck’s position, at a cost of more than $60,000.00 per year is purely patronage and was created solely for him.

The County also employs over 33 attorneys. All of whom are regular contributors and active supporters of the Republican Party.

Clearly, Maziarz has accomplished his goal to keep his friends and family gainfully employed. But while the rest of Niagara suffers the highest tax rate in the entire Country, crippling unemployment, and a lack of development, Maziarz continues to dole out patronage and causes our taxes to grow year in and year out.


7 responses to “Introducing the “George Maziarz Friends and Family Unemployment Reduction Plan””

  1. chris says :

    this should be manitory read for everyone whos going to vote this year tthanks chris

  2. Roger Spurback says :

    Well, Should have called me, I’ve been following this patronage for well over 15 years. It never stops,…..And there are many more,…, and destruction along the way.

  3. Kim Havens says :

    Hey Post. Don’t forget these:

    Glenn Aronow, Maziarz close friend and confidant. He held a position with George. Word has it that he was fired for a sexual harassment claim. He also works with Christian Peck on the pro-Maziarz Niagara Times Blog.

    Matt Maziarz was fired from a State job that he got compliments of Georgie.

    Caroline Wojtaszek is now part-time, splitting the Confidential Law Clerk job with another attorney, allegedly with no reduction in pay.

    Judge Richard Kloch has been on a genereous appointment forever. Always being a Court of Claims Judge and never having to run for the position of Supreme Court Justice, yet he is still getting the same perks.

    Heather Peck who works for George’s buddy, Mayor Mike Tucker, in a purely patronage position in Lockport, is Christian Peck’s wife.

    Another money connection with George and Sloma is Ken Franasiak, Calamar Construction, who regularly gets IDA help, built the medical building in Wheatfield that Sloma’s son runs, and who gets State help from George.

    Also, look at the connections with George in the Public Defenders and Conflicts Office that was created by the Republicans to take care of their own.

  4. db says :

    PLEASE! A corrupt slumlord like Paladino who has used his political connections more than anyone is trying to accuse????wow!!! I would like to see a history of Paladino’s transactions and political connections. Also, a list of what he has done with the properties.

  5. William Cockayne says :

    George was always there to answer any questions and help us. Sure he got friends and family jobs but that has been going on since the dawn of time. You have our support all the way George!

  6. pam hogan says :

    to the author of this article. a little fact for your fiction. “dora maziarz” was hired in north tonawanda, before she was even married into the maziarz’s family. she was hired as a clerk off of a niagara county civil service exam. she was hired in 2000 or 2001, she was hired by the common council. her hiring had nothing to do with maziarz, she was hired on her own merit. i know this because i hired her.

    most of your ‘facts” probably falll within these guidelines lines too…. please just your “facts” before writing them

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