Maziarz-Wallenda Love Affair Continues

Maziarz is at it again. His love for sensationalism and scandal provoked him again to take a dig at the City of Niagara Falls. The question resonates: In an area that desperately needs our leaders to work together to promote progress, how does Maziarz continually get reelected with his divide and conquer mentality?

Let’s look at Boy George’s latest endeavor. The City of Niagara Falls was “gifted” a large parcel of land downtown near Hard Rock Café. The land, which was the former site of the Hot Air Balloon, is coveted as one of the most valuable pieces of property available to be developed on.

To date, despite an “RFP” (Request For Proposals) issued by the City, there is no actual agreement for any developer to begin a project there. However, it is believed that the Hamister Group out of Buffalo is very close to enter into an agreement with the City to build an upscale boutique hotel on the plot of land. Did I mention that this is the first (non-casino) hotel to be built in downtown Niagara Falls in forty years.

Anyone that has actually spent some time in the City during the summer months realizes that there is a real need for more hotel rooms. But for someone to know that, they will actually have to spend some time in the City.

In this week’s Niagara Falls Reporter, Maziarz announced that the plot of land should be reserved for his hero, Nik Wallenda’s temporary circus. Maziarz also stated that he plans to send a letter to Empire State Development president Sam Hoyt to learn of the status of the Hamister deal. So again, and I know I say this a lot, what am I missing here? Maziarz announces that he wants Wallenda to have the property instead of Hamister BEFORE he actually knows the status of the Hamister development. Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse?

Even worse, why would we even consider turning down the development of a six story 124 room hotel in exchange for a temporary circus? How many jobs will the temporary circus create? Will the circus be open in the winter? Will Wallenda pay living wages to his band of Circus Carnies?

But all joking aside, Wallenda has not even committed to developing anything in our City. The only thing he has committed to so far is trying to pit Niagara Falls USA vs. Niagara Falls Canada to see who will throw more money at him to open an operation in their City. The only reason Niagara Falls USA is in the running is because Maziarz has promised a boat load of our Casino funds to Wallenda’s temporary circus if he operates here.

But again…why would anyone consider turning down a permanent development for something temporary? And isn’t there any other location in Niagara Falls that Wallenda can pitch a tent? Last time I checked, there are plenty of locations that he can locate his temporary circus. And guess what! If the first location doesn’t work, it’s temporary! He can move it!

It’s a travesty, though, that Maziarz really does not want real progress in our area. Never did Maziarz approach any City Officials to see what is in OUR City’s master plan. Rather, he is dictating from his ivory tower without even considering any other work that our officials are completing.

And let’s talk about Maziarz’s creepy infatuation with Nik Wallenda. Boy George called a personal favor into the Governor to allow Wallenda to walk his tight rope across the Falls. Then, after the event, Maziarz stumped for Wallenda’s biography. Now, Boy George wants to turn down real development in Niagara Falls so that Wallenda can build a temporary circus. But maybe Maziarz’s need to have his own personal Never-Never Land is greater than our need to have a thriving City.

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