Do The Creep – AWWWW

Have you ever wondered why Niagara County has the highest tax rate in the entire United States? It is actually an excellent question to ask your elected officials. But of course, the answer will always be politically charged.

Of course, the Niagara County Republican Majority will not take the blame for the high tax rate. The Republican politicos argue that New York State’s “Unfunded Mandates” are the cause of our local tax burden. Again, it’s easy to blame others for our problems instead of actually stepping to the plate and accepting blame.

But the Republicans are right, to a point. New York State sets the level of social services and our County has to pick up the tab. The cost of Medicaid is another popular complaint by the local Republicans. These are huge costs that our State County’s must absorb.

But there is another “Unfunded Mandate” that is being trickled down to the Niagara County taxpayers. The cost of secret settlement payments by our State Legislature in sexual harassment claims. 

Do the Creep AWWWW


Over the past couple weeks, the New York Times has reported that Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez was charged in a civil lawsuit for the sexual harassment of a female employee of his. Would this be the first time that a politician abused his position by sexual harassing an employee? Of course not! But it may be the first time (we hope) that the government actually paid the sexually harassed victim hush money. Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, it has been reported, agreed to pay $100,000.00 of taxpayer’s dollars to the aggrieved woman in a secret settlement. Governor Cuomo, disturbed by this like the rest of us, called for an investigation. NY Times Article

But was this the last case of the State Legislature settling a sexual harassment case with taxpayer dollars?

Unfortunately, we do not thinks so!

Glenn Aronow, if it wasn’t for Senator George Maziarz, would likely be panhandling along Pine Avenue. But due to his undying loyalty to the good Senator, Aronow has never found himself in a bread line, let alone the unemployment line. Aronow, who is the mastermind behind Queen George’s attack blog, Niagara Times, has found himself the beneficiary of multiple patronage positions. In 2007, Aronow was working, thanks to Georgie Boy, at the New York State Senate Majority Office in Albany. While employed there, he was alleged to have sexually harassed a female employee at that office. In fact, in the lawsuit that was filed by the victim, it was alleged that Aronow repeatedly subjected her to a daily campaign of sexual harassment that included unwanted sexual comments and inquiries, physical contact, gestures, threats, and unwanted exposure to pornographic materials.

Aronow was permitted to voluntarily resign from the Senate Majority Office in Albany. However, with a lawsuit against Aronow and the State Senate still pending from the victim, Aronow found himself another job. Again, the good Senator Maziarz helped “grabby” Glenn Aronow land on his feet. This time, as a staff member in the Senator Maziarz Wheatfield Office.

So why would Queen George hire a man that caused a sexual harassment lawsuit against the entire State Senate? Or is Georgie Boy laughing in the face of all female sexual harassment victims?

Sources have informed the Niagara Post that this sexual harassment claim has been settled in the last couple weeks. The terms of the settlement have not been made public. But the real question is: Is this secret settlement being paid by our tax dollars again?

Could Senator Maziarz, currently the third most powerful Senator in the State, authorize a secret settlement payment to the victim like Sheldon Silver did in the Assembly?

Regardless, take heed of our warning Wheatfield fathers: Hide your daughters! Grabby Glenn Aronow is on the loose.

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